Mosaica Online Happenings

April 14-18 2014

Upcoming Dates to Remember

  • Monday, April 14th: Enrichment Day
  • May 14th: Enrichment Day
  • May 26th: Memorial Day Holiday
  • May 27th: Paragon Night
  • **Beginning August 28th, all adjunct teachers must submit invoices to Brenda McCullers on the 14th and 28th of the month**

Non-Charter Mosaica Online Locations - **NOTE SOME DATE CHANGES**


American School Foundations

April 14 - 21 - Spring Holiday

May 1 - Labor Day

May 25 - Last Day for Seniors

May 31 - Upper School Graduation

June 12 - Last Day of School

Mosaica International School of Hyderabad

April 14 - 18 - Spring Break

May 1 - May Day

May 28 - 30 - Benchmark Testing

June 9 - 11 - Mosaica Online exams

June 13 - Last Day of School

Foundation Academy of Mansfield

April 14 - 18 - Spring Vacation

May 26 - Memorial Day

June 2 - Mosaica Online exams

June 4 - Last Day of School

Muskegon Heights High School

April 18 - Good Friday

May 10 - Prof. Dev. Day

May 26 - Memorial Day

May 27 - Exams completed for health students

May 28 - Last Day for Seniors

June 12 - Last Day for Students

Arts & Technology Academy of Pontiac

April 18th - Good Friday

May 23rd - Early Release Day

May 26th - Memorial Day

June 13th - Early Release Day

June 20th - Last Day of School

American School of Puerto Vallarta

April 11 - 27 - Spring Break

May 1 - Mexican Holiday

May 5 - Mexican Holiday

May 16 - Profession Development Day

May 27 - 30 - Senior Final Exams

June 17 - Last Day of School


Hi everyone!

Yes, it is that time again... Below are the action items for the upcoming week... Please contact your IC if you have any questions or concerns.


o Monday, April 14: First day of Grading Period 4

o Monday, April 14: Enrichment Day

o Tuesday, April 15: All grades entered in PowerSchool by 12 noon EASTERN (remember this is only for Charter locations & Prep!)

o Tuesday, April 15: Beginning anytime after 12 noon EASTERN, Heads of School will pull individual roster verification reports and email these to teachers by the end of the school day.

o Thursday, April 17: All grades must be fully verified and all corrections made in PowerSchool. Teachers must email the appropriate Head of School that grades are fully complete and correct by the end of the day Wednesday.

Report Cards will then be cross-checked and distributed by each Head of School


oAll grades entered into PowerSchool NO LATER THAN 12 NOON EASTERN on Tuesday. (Grades in PS and in the learning environment must match EXACTLY. Round all grades as follows: 0.49 and below rounds down; 0.50 and above rounds up)

oVerify that all grades are correct when you receive the verification report(s) from the appropriate Heads of School no later than Thursday.

Staff Spotlight - Kim Heglund

Kim shares...

I have been teaching for 10 years. My teaching career began in the middle school setting, and now I teach high school. I have taught online for seven years. I have a 20 year old son that is a senior at Shorter College in Rome Georgia where he plays on the tennis team. I have my specialist degree in social studies education from Piedmont College.

Welcome Kim to our team- we appreciate all that you do!

Mosaica Sunshine!

Let me know of any concerns or celebrations within our Mosaica Online family!

Mosaica Online Enrichment Days

Our next Enrichment Day is Monday April 14th - Paragon will be our focus!

Club Corner


1. All GP4 courses should be set up and ready to go - GP4 starts Monday.
2. Monday is Paragon Enrichment Day so no course work should be assigned except in Paragon classes.
3. Remember that all grades are due by Noon EST on Tuesday, April 15.
4. Be sure and verify grades and return to HoS as soon as you receive your verification reports.

The Coaching Corner.....

Please check your VOICE when communicating with your students,

especially during times of revolving around problem solving. In Ruby Payne’s Frameworks of Poverty training, she has outlined 3

“Voices” that adults (parents, teachers and guardians use). It is especially important to be mindful when

redirecting your student, and to use your adult voice to resolve any

conflicts quickly. The 3 Voices are:

*The Adult Voice

*The Parent Voice

*The Child Voice


The Adult voice is the voice of negotiation, allowing issues to be examined

in a nonthreatening way. The adult voice is nonjudgmental, free of

negative nonverbal messages, factual, often in a question format,

attitude of win/win.

For example:

•In what ways could this be resolved?

•What factors will be used to determine the effectiveness, quality of


•I would like to recommend____________.

•What are the choices in this situation?

•I am comfortable (uncomfortable) with ____________.

•Options that could be considered are ______________?

•For me to be comfortable, I need the following things to occur


•These are the consequences of that choice/action______________.

•We agree to disagree.

The Parent voice is authoritative, directive, judgmental, evaluative, win/

lose mentality, demanding, punitive, and sometimes threatening.

For example:

•You shouldn’t (should) do that.

•It’s wrong (right) to do____________.

•That’s stupid, immature, out of line, ridiculous.

•Life’s not fair, get busy.

•You are good, bad, worthless, and beautiful (any judgmental,

evaluative comment).

•You do as I say.

•If you weren’t so __________, this wouldn’t happen to you.

•Why can’t you be like ________________?

• The parent voice can be very loving and supportive; the above

phrases usually occur during conflict and impede resolution.

The internal parent voice can create shame and guilt.

The Child voice is often defensive, victimized, emotional, whining, losing

attitude, strongly negative, and non verbal.

For example:

•Quit picking on me.

•You don’t love me.

•You want me to leave.

•Nobody likes (loves) me.

•I hate you.

•You’re ugly.

•You make me sick.

•It’s your fault.

•Don’t blame me.

•She/ he did it.

•You make me mad.

•You made me do it.

• The child voice can also be playful, spontaneous, curious, etc.

Online Paragon Nights!

Here are the dates for our Online Paragon Nights for the 2013-2014 school year!

May 27

And last but not least..... Your joke of the week

A history joke...

Q: What was the first think Queen Elizabeth did on ascending to the throne?

A: Sat down!