The 6th Grade Times

By Weston Loughmiller

Mr.Millete doesn't know how to pronounce words...Oh wait everbody knows that.

Everybody already knows Mr. Millete doesn't know how to pronounce words. But a couple of days ago he reached a new low. He ponounced onomatopoeia onomatopee. Then the other day I had to tell him how to pronounce thesaurus. He pronounced it thosawrus.

New record for most cards taken in a single moment

Anthony wins the award for most cards taken in a single moment. When anthony got in trouble for talking today in Mr. Millete's class anthony realized he forgot his planner and the had to give up his green and his yellow card. Anthony claims he was supposed to put in three cards but he only put in two


This week on friday all sixth grade elementary students will be receiving report cards this week. You know what that means. Lots of trees will be ripped and thrown in the recycling. But hey we will be saving the earth. At least there is the book fair!