Theodore Roosevelt

By: Mitchell Solomon

"Rough Rider Man"

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“A square deal for every man.”

This slogan best exemplifies his progressive reforms during his time as president as well as reflecting him as a Captain America superhero.

5 Evil doings while in Presidency

The Evil Good Guy

1. Roosevelt and a crew went on a safari killing over 11,00 animals.

2. He told Panama's people to fight against the country not accepting money from the U.S. to build a canal

3. He held his vow to a second term until it was to late, and should have never put Taft into office.

4. Most faulted for dishonorably discharging an entire unit of black troops known as the Brownsville Affair.

5.When he created the Iron Triangle it created a lot of other little small issues.

"Health Man"

The muckrakers writing during Roosevelt's presidency were writing against the Pure Food and Drug Act, arguing that foods in this time period were not processed right and were being done so in such a way that was harmful. One writer even described how dead rats, rat poop, and even rat poison was being shoveled into the grinder, processing the meat.

Fighting the Evil Spirits

President Roosevelt was able to defeat his evil nemesis by the way he went about the rest of his presidency. Roosevelt is considered one of Americas best presidents for his accomplishments such as the Monroe Doctrine and the building of the Panama Canal just to name a few of his many accomplishments. Along with these and many more were the things people remembered about President Roosevelt, the good things, not the bad things.