Cinco de Mayo

By Maddy Kennedy

History of Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Battle of Puebla that the Mexicans won. Mexico and France fought the Franco-Mexican War from 1861 to 1867. In 1862 the small Mexican army of farmers fought the French army in Puebla. The celebration has greatly evolved into American society. Many large Mexican-populated areas of the US celebrate Cinco de Mayo every year.

What I Learned?

I learned not only what Cinco de Mayo is, but why this celebration exists. Many people from several different cultures come together to enjoy dancing, signing, and eating numerous delicious foods on Cinco de Mayo. While it is a Mexican holiday, it is largely celebrated in the US. I would like to celebrate Cinco de Mayo to enjoy the food and better understand the culture.

Compared & Contrasted with New Year's Day

New Years Day:

Celebrates the New Year

Watch the Ball Drop

Large in New York City

January 1

Traits in Common:

Celebrated by many cultures

Eat food & drink

Large in the US

May 5

Cinco de Mayo:

Celebrates Mexican battle

All day event

Large in Mexican areas

Annual celebrations