Conditions of Reproductive system.

Kaileigh Heuszel.


-X-ray of the breast to check for harmless cyst or tumors.

-This needs to be a regular exam for people with worry or developing breast with chance of it.

- Age 40-41 is most common.

Definition of Mammogram

Testicular exams- Men

-This is found in men because its forms in the testies.

-It affects the amount of sperm that the male testical.

- The recommended age to start getting these check up is 15 years old.


Prostate exams- Men

-Men get these exams every four years starting at age 50 but most commonly 40.

-This is the examination of the male recital prostate.

-Not commonly found in young men

Prostate cancer screening: Should you get a PSA test?

Pap smears- Women

- This is the swabbing of the women's inner cervex to check for cancer.

- When the swabs are taken this can also look for infections.

-Commonly start at 21 but if a women is sexually active can be started earlier.

Pap Smear.

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