Ocean Wonders of Australia

Scuba Divers Come on Down Under

If you are a person who likes to scuba dive or wants to try it then this flyer is for you.


The first place you're going to want to visit is the great and beautiful barrier reef with tons of colorful wildlife. The early Europeans found the beautiful area first making it a historical landmark. If you want to sightsee and go scuba diving this is a wonderful place to do it. With a warm sunny climate all year round this is the perfect place to go.
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Another great place for scuba diving is the beautiful Coral Sea.
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This beautiful place is very important historically . The Battle of Coral Sea was fought here so it is a very important landmark with sunny warm waters all year round. This is very deep and the perfect place to explore ocean life.


If you decide to visit the coral reef why not stay at Cairns a wonderful city. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Near it is the famous Wet Tropics Rain Forest. It has acres of sugar cane fields. If you decide to visit the Great Barrier Reef this is a close place to stay.