Mr Wolf & the Three little Pigs

4 Justice for justice: Mr Wolf, villain or victim?

Thinking out loud, with a word cloud!

4 Justice's Wordle :)
The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Activity 1a: Watch The True Story of the Three Little Pigs Video

Activity 1b: TitanPad Roleplay and Discussion

Within your group of 5, decide on who's to play wolf (two wolves) and who's to play each of the three little pigs. Think in the shoes of your characters and speak their mind on TitanPad! (click here)

Activity 3: Care and Share!

In your groups, discuss and come to a conclusion if Mr Wolf is guilty or innocent. Choose an ICT tool you are comfortable with, or from one of the three recommended ones below, and present your case.

Happily Ever After: 4 Justice for justice!

Share a time when you felt misunderstood (like the wolf!) on the class Edmodo page. What did you do? Or, what would you have done to remedy?

Comment on your classmates' experiences! Do note that unkind words are frowned upon.