Austin's Awsome Basketball Game!!!!

Bring Your Own Basketball

Best Basketball Game With Stephen Curry

This will be a good basketball game because there will be basketball stars there waiting for you.I think you should come even if you don't know how to play basketball because there will be basketball lessons taught by Stephen Curry.If you do come you will have a blast.

Most Awsome Basketball Game!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 6-11pm

333 East Trade Street

Charlotte, NC

We have already paid for the tickets to get in so dont bring money unless you want to buy food for yourself. We will also pay for the drinks and dinner at 8:00pm.

When and what we are doing

6-6:30:We are going to play nockout

6:30-7:We are going to play 3 point contest

7-7:30:We are going to to see who can make the most free throws

7:30-8:30-We are going to supply a dinner

8:30-9:30-We are going to be playing a 8 on 8

9:30-11-We are going to be watching the basketball super stars play a 4 on 4