"My Reflection Of My Year"(2013)

From'Esmeralda Acosta <'3'

About Me'(;

My Name Is Esmeralda Rea Acosta And my close friends call Me " Esme" for short. Im 16 and ill be 17 in September.. I&apos;m a Sophmore and i Like school at times. But not always.  My favorite Color is a hot Baby blue and my favorite number is 51.. Im a CNA  and hope to work with the little babies...((; or be a plastic surgeon . i also really wanna own my own Resturant..((;

-A Glance Of My Year-

My year this year was good and at the same time it was stressfull.. I got behind in my classes after missing alot due to being in and out the hospital.. There wasnt much drama this year thank God. I had a Good year and hope to continue having good school years. with school ending and grades it can be a head ack.. But i guess all this hard work will pay off one day...

My Dream VAcation"

My dream Vacation would have to be too Africa. Iv always wanted to get millions of dollars of snacks for all the kids to try something they have never tried before. They say when you set your mind to somethng it will happend. im Set to go to Africa and go and do what i believe God would Love  for me to do , with money i will have  one day.. i know im scared to fly but i will fly in a plain just to go there and back.. But i would really love to go to Africa and make a different in the life of these kids. just because they may not be healthy they are still living breathing people who need the same attantion as any other kids around the world... My Vacation would be the most amaziness to go there and help the helpless..
Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us

Advice for incomming Sophmores...

Just dont hang out with the wrong crowd. find friends that are good and willl help you  keep straight in school and someone who you know you can trust so there isn&apos;t much drama it makes it so much easier for you... and for girls don&apos;t ever chose a guy over your best friend because in the end you willl be the one hurt and wont have anyone to turn to when you need somone the most........  Its all about Less wories..
Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us

((: Esmeralda Acosta

Thankyou for Watching and reading.. Hope you have a good Rest of the Day.. THankyou Mr.Bridges for being the Best teacher ever and always helping us when we needed you.. Thankyou <33