Our Claim - Mandela

Samantha and Dejanette.

Our Claim

Nelson Mandela was a strong independent man who gave no injustice to others. He worked hard for the things he did and never gave up on his beliefs on racism.

Nelson Mandela

The Facts

Fact One

In paragraph 2, line 7, the article states, " Mandela became involved in the campaign against racial prejudice in college; in 1940, the university expelled him for participating in an anti-discrimination protest." Mandela wanted to change the world for the better. So there could be no more racism discrimination.

Fact Two

in paragraph 3, line 10, The article states, "Mandela continued his education elsewhere in South Africa and eventually got his law degree. He resolved to spend as much time as necessary fighting for racial equality. It would not be an easy battle." He knew it was going to be hard to fight and win against those who discriminated others due to their skin color. Even though he knew he continued on with the fight.

Fact Three

In paragraph 4, line 13, the article states, "Most South Africans were black, but white people ran the government and made the laws. This situation left black activists with little choice but to protest and try to draw attention to their cause. In the early 1900s, black leaders formed the African National Congress (ANC), which worked for political change. Mandela saw the ANC as a powerful force and eagerly joined it." He wanted to do anything possible that involved stopping racism.

Fact Four

In paragraph 6, line 21, the article sates, "Mandela helped split the ANC into small groups, which fanned into black neighborhoods and encouraged blacks not to accept apartheid. Blacks should make their own freedom as much as possible, Mandela said. Why? Accepting the status quo, he said, was a defeat. Mandela's efforts got him arrested for treason, but he was acquitted after a long trial." He was smart about how to gain more people for their cause. He made sure that things went smoothly even if it landed him in jail.

Fact Five

In paragraph 7, line 25, the article states, "Mandela continued to fight apartheid as a member of the ANC, which the government banned in 1960. In 1964, he was arrested again, this time for participation in an illegal organization and for treason. The court sentenced Mandela to life imprisonment." Even though he knew that the organization was banned he still continued with their activities. He knew it would land him in jail but he didn't care.