By Josh Villalobos and Justin Padilla

Earthquake Facts

Earthquakes happen when two tectonic plates are slipped past each other. Many Earthquakes last a minute or less but destructive. A magnitude 7 or higher can destroy a city. The biggest record of a Earthquake is a 9.5. Also earthquakes could trigger a volcano to erupt. A tectonic plate is a slab of solid rock made of ocean and continental lithosphere.

What To Do

What To Do

Before an earthquake, build an emergency kit. Make a family meeting spot too. Also always know the safest places are in each room. During an earthquake drop to the ground and stay away from windows. Stay inside. If you are outside get away from buildings and get in the open. After an earthquake you should expect an aftershock. If you need to talk on a phone text instead. Don't forget to wear long sleeves and pants to cover up and protect yourself from getting scratched up.