Limitless Relationships™ Presents..


A New Paradigm that Starts with YOU!

What if Relationships could be a JoyFULL contribution to you?

Not just sometimes, of half the time, but how about EVERYDAY?

If you are tired and just "over" the trauma, drama, tear-you-apart, divorce-parts-of-you

kind of Relationships you see in this Reality, this is the Class for You!

Are you ready for Relationships that Empower you to BE more of YOU?

Come join us at our Yummy Hour-Long Taster During Jason Pettipiece's 3 Day Access Body Class™! We will unravel your Relationship woes, worries, and Limitations with more Joy, Humor, and Ease than you ever thought possible!

Class Date/Time/Location Below. Class is $20.

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to Receive the "Ten Steps Towards Limitless Relationships" Video Series.

Who are Nikki and Avram? They are Consciousness Facilitators of Magnitude who have Enriched and Empowered their own lives (and each other!) using the Access Consciousness™ tools. Playing Joyfully together, they have discovered more ease, choice, and possibility than they ever thought or imagined possible with Relationships. How does it get any better than that? Come Join them and find out! ;-)

An Introduction to Limitless Relationships™: A New Paradigm That Starts with YOU

Sunday, March 11th 2012 at 6-7pm

2660 Canyon Boulevard

Boulder, CO

Class is $20 for General Public, Boulder Marriott

*FREE to Body Class Attendees