My digital presents

by: Zanyah Beete.

Did you know...

Everyone in this world has a digital footprint. everyone has a digital footprint before there even born. yeah! This starts off with your mom being pregnant with you. Your mom posts pictures of you in her tummy. Then she posts pictures and talks about you to her friends. Then when your born, doctors keep records of your birth. How much you weight and more. As you grow older its up to you what you want to do online. everything you do online is on record. every click you make.kind of creepy right? that's why you should be careful with everything you do.

My digital footprint

Everyone has a digital footprint, including me. My digital footprint starts long before I was born. When my mom was pregnant with me she told everyone. My grandma dad and uncle. Then they told everyone they knew. And the news started spreading as fast as a wild fire. When I was born they collected all my information and before I they knew it everyone lined up to see that pretty baby girl. As I grew older my grandfather took lots and lots of pictures. Then one day I became old enough to do it myself. I started going on websites playing Ames an socializing with my friends. I still do to this very day. Everything I searched up got put into a file from my IP adress and got saved. I didn't know anything about that till now.

My advice to you

Now that you know that you have a digital footprint I think you should be careful of what you do online.