Bring on the May Flowers!

or how about Mascara?!

What a month!

First of all congrats to everyone on an awesome April! Cheers to breaking records and getting safer products into more hands! I know May will be even better!

Mascara launch!

Reach out to anyone and everyone about mascara! Host your own social or open house to celebrate and launch this amazing product! Ask your best clients to host a social or ask anyone to host! Who doesn't love free and half off products, right?! Listen to the call on the mascara with Christy Coleman, it's great! Also, check out the mascara training one pager Behind the Counter for all the great info on it! Share away! You can do this via text, phone call, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or hey IN PERSON! People will share YOUR excitement and it will be worth it! Corporate is going to make this launch very successful for us, so stay tuned for emails etc. How about try a method you don't normally use to reach out, go ahead step outside your comfort zone!

This is also the perfect time to grow your team with our biggest product launch ever! Do not be afraid to share this opportunity! You never know where someone stands and the worst they could say is no thanks!

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Charcoal bar...

Another great way to boost your sales is through the charcoal bar restock! Clients love this product and if you sampled it out chances are it may have run out before your customers could order. Be ready to check in with everyone that sampled when it comes back in stock! It is a fabulous product at a great price that lasts forever!!
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A few tips to remember...

This is important when describing Beautycounter and what makes us different. Here are a few 'soundbites' that you can use. There is also a fabulous call about our brand on BTC under calls.

-We are the first company to put health & performance first.

-We have the most health protective screening process in the industry!

We are NOT any of the following (please do NOT use these terms):

- Eco-Friendly
- All-Natural
- Organic
- Chemical-Free
- Preservative-Free
- Direct Sales

We ARE (please USE these terms instead):
- Safer
- Cleaner
- Better Beauty
- Progress not perfection
- Safety not source
- More than 80% of our ingredients are natural or plant-based
- Multi-channel Retailer
- Direct Retail
- Mission Driven
- For People, Planet & Profit

Also, we never want to call out another company or bash them. We are classier than that right? If anyone asks about another company, encourage them to check their product ingredients and compare them with our Never List as well as the EWG Skin Deep site. I always like to respond with, "I cannot speak to that company's ingredients..." :)

It is very possible you will not love EVERY Beautycounter product and that is A-OK! I recommend choosing your top five products and learning them inside and out! You may not regularly use many of our products but please be careful not to down sell them. What works for one person's skin may not work for another's and we all have different skincare needs. Remember, you are recommending products based on what you know about the product and the client, your opinion may not always be necessary.

Please feel free to reach out to myself or your mentor if you have any questions about this!

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Set your goals NOW!

Fill out your goal tracker at the beginning of every month and reach out to me or your mentor to hold you accountable AND help you get there! I want to see you do awesome and that is what is so great about this company, we all want to empower each other!

Weekly Newsletter

Remember to check your email from corporate for the weekly newsletter, this will answer any questions you may have to start the week. It will tell you if items are running low or out of stock as well.

Just be consistent

Whether you want this to be your full time job or just a side gig, in order to continue you mustn't stop. That may mean doing one business producing activities a day or five... just do it!
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Start May with a bang!

Blessings to each and every one of you! xo