Auto Insurance

What Determines Your Car Insurance Rates?


There are many different things you can do to lower your car insurance rates. There also many factors that affect your car insurance rates, whether it be gender, age, driving history, credit reports and more. Today we're going to dwell on a few of these factors to give you the information you need.

Credit Reports

Your credit score plays a big role in affecting your insurance rates. If you have negative credit report your car insurance rates could skyrocket. So it is best to keep a good credit score. So it is important to have long established credit history, on time payments, and no debt.

Driving History

Any issues that may have happened in your history of driving will cause a rise in your car insurance rates. Example of bad history would be parking tickets, accidents, and other things of the sort. It is always important to avoid such issues by driving safely and smart.

Age, Gender, and Maritial Status

Depending on whether or not you're married, a boy or girl, young or old, your car insurance rates can vary. If you are an unmarried man you would pay higher rates than you would if you were if you were a married woman.

Other Factors

Many other factors tie in to the price of your car insurance. Your car, security, and location are just a few of the many different factors that can affect your car insurance. it is important to know these factors in order to receive the best rates possible.