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Ramona Bang Elementary ~ September 2020

Message from Principal Erwann Wilson

Please read through the newsletter as it contains important information for both our on-campus and CFISD Connect students. Remember we are here to help, please reach out if you have any questions. I am always available via email

Current Percentages of On-Campus Students and CFISDConnect Students

We appreciate that you completed the Return to School Questionnaire. At this time the questionnaire is closed for changes. We are able to accommodate changes for students who selected on-campus but are now wanting to change to CFISDConnect. We are not able to accommodate changes for students who selected CFISDConnect but are now wanting to change to on-campus. Our class assignments and protocols are based on the current number of on-campus students. If you have selected CFISDConnect, you are committed to that option for the first nine weeks. The first nine weeks runs September 8-November 6.

Current enrollment: 869

Current # of CFISDConnect: 541 62.26%

Current # of On-Campus: 316 36.36%

No Response: 12 1.38%

At this time, our face to face numbers in each classroom is under 11 students per class on average.

On-Campus Student Information

  • This year we are not able to accommodate parents walking their child to class on the first day of school.
  • It would be very helpful if parents attached a nametag to their child's shirt or backpack with the following information: Student Name, Grade Level and Homeroom Teacher
  • Bang staff will be posted around the campus to assist students in finding their classrooms during the first week of school.
  • For safety reasons CFISD will not have any lunch visitors on campus during the first semester of 2020-21 school year.
  • Visitors should make an appointment to meet with campus staff. If possible, the meeting will be virtually.
  • Our teachers will demonstrate and practice with students during the first week, how to use our one-way hallways. Students will need to follow the one-way hallways through-out the school. We are calling it our "Lazy River" which will hopefully help students make the connection that they are to go with the flow of the arrows.
  • Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle each day. They will be able to refill them at the water fountains. They will not be permitted to drink from the fountains.
  • Car Rider drop off/pick up location has changed the drop off/pick up will be outside of the gym. Bang leadership team members will show you the path. See map below.
  • Daycare and special needs bus drop off /pick up location has changed it will be in front of the school. Bang staff members will direct you. Please see map below.
  • Walker procedures have changed all walkers have to enter through the gate located on Copperdale Ln. Walkers may not enter through the front due to safety reasons. A staff member will greet students at the back gate on Copperdale and walk them to class. During dismissal they will walk students to the gate to connect with parents. See map below.
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CFISDConnect Student Information

  • Please have your child log on to their device and locate the Schoology app prior to the first day of school. The video linked below gives directions. If your child does not know their CFISD password, you will need to call the district's Customer Care Line at 281-897-4357.

  • Our CFISDConnect students will follow the same schedule as our on-campus students and should be ready to begin their day at 8 a.m.
  • They will be a part of a live classroom that contains on-campus students. They will access live teaching from their teachers as well as recorded lessons for Large Group (Art, Music and PE.) They will have the same lunch and recess break as well as the same Large Group break.
  • During their schedule, they will complete Independent Work and will also have an opportunity to work with the teacher in a small group virtually.
  • The first few days of school for our CFISDConnect students might look a little differently than what they will eventually be due to teachers and staff establishing routines and protocols with our on-campus learners.
Logging In to Schoology

Student Devices

Our district technology department is working hard to issue devices to all students who are opting for CFISDConnect for the first nine weeks. Please continue to check your email for an alert on when your child's device is ready for pick-up.

Students who are learning on-campus the first nine weeks will not be issued a device until later in the fall.

On-Campus Students Noncontact School Supply Drop Off

Please label your child’s supplies with their first& last name, grade level and teacher’s name. Place them on the grade level cart at the front entrance of the school.

CFISDConnect Students

Material Pick Up

Curbside material pick up for CFISD Connect from the gym. Put your child’s first and last name and grade level on paper in your windshield. Bang staff will bring the materials to your car.

Class Assignments

You should receive an email by the end of today, August 31st, from your child's assigned teacher. If you did not receive an email, please email the designated Assistant Principal for your child so that we can check your contact information and your child's class assignment.

LIFE Skills, 1st, 2nd and 5th grades: Michelle Chatagnier

Pre-K, Kinder, 3rd and 4th grades: Kara Leal

Virtual Meet the Teacher Via Zoom

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Dates to Remember

August 31-Deadline Teachers Email Parents

September 2-Meet the Teacher Via Zoom

September 3 –On Campus Students-No Contact Supply Drop Off 7:30-3:30 (Front of School)

September 3-CFISD Connect Curbside Materials Pick up 1:00-6:00 (Gym)

September 8-First Day of School

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