St. Maria Goretti Cathedral

Volunteer Work

This month we have many ways to serve our dear neighbors!

4 December-3 to 7 pm:feed the homeless at St. Vincent de Paul

7 December -12to3 pm:serve soup at the homeless shelter

13 December- 12to3pm: set up Christmas tree at Church

14 December- 3to7pm: feed the homeless at St. Vincent de Paul

16 December- 5to9pm: serve ht chocolate to the homeless

20 December- 9to11am: make breakfast for the parishioners

21December- 9to11am: make breakfast for the parishioners

23December- 9to11am: make breakfast for the parishioners

24December- 9to11am: make breakfast for the parishioners

25 December-all day: serve meals to homeless

26 December-all day: Christmas meal leftovers for homeless

Meet the Pastor!

At St. Maria Goretti Cathedral, Pastor Tim runs the show with the help of our helpful parishioner's council! Pastor Tim has been ordained for over 20 years and feels blessed that he has the oppurtunity to work at St. Maria Goretti Cathedral. He has been on many service trips around the world including Thailand to teach children english, Uganda to aid the refugees and Northern China to work at an orphange. Read more about Pastor Tim at

Our Mission Statement

We chose “Modeling the Father, living like his Son, and guiding like the Holy Spirit" as our mission statement. They are the 3 principles that will bring people closer to God. We can achieve this mission statement by simply attending mass. The pastor sets an example of a humble and holy person. The parish will look at this example and use it as an example to look to daily. Read more about our mission statement at

Youth Group

That's right! We have a youth group! Check out the youth group activities and schedule at our parish website www.St.!!!

Annual Knights of Columbus Christmas Breakfast

Friday, Dec. 25th, 8am

St. Maria Goretti Cathedral

Everyone is welcome to our annual Christmas breakfast hosted by the Knights of Columbus!!! More details at www.St.

People to Keep in Our Prayers

Some people we want to remember this season:

-all the homeless people out on the streets

-Doug Smith who is going to have heart surgery

- Nancy Goodman who is going to Japan on a service trip