Mónica Quijada Alcaina

What do you do before an exam?

When I have an exam, I organize of form arranged me to study it without any problem, this way when I come to the exam it does not seem to me to be difficult, in addition I do not become nervous and I do it well.

What were you doing when Spain won the World Cup?

In this moment we were having dinner in a restaurant with my family and we were seeing the football game, our surprise were Iniesta's goal in the last minutes. Immediately we were going out to the center to celebrate it with other persons.

Things that you haven't done and you would like to do.

I always have wanted to travel all over the world. In spring I would like to travel to New York for to walk for 5av. In summer always I have wanted to do a cruise for the Greek Islands, with little luck it will be fulfilled in this holiday. Also I would like to travel in winter to London at Christmas time.

Best place to travel in Europe.

In my opinion Spain is some of the Europa's best places to visit. Spain is a country that has a very varied climate. Since they can find places of beach and of snow throughout the year. Moreover it takes place that the people can visit Like the Alhambra. And where the people could entertain like it is Ibiza. Spain is a country that is very varied.

How will the world be in 2050?

Nobody knows since they are going to be the things in the future. But if we imagine it, the climate will change, Also they will change the cars, in a future they will fly, the houses will be floating in addition the people will have robots in his houses and them want like to the persons.

If you had been born in a poor country, how would your life have been?

If I had born in a poor country, I would have lived very different. I would not have the same comforts, I might not buy me clothes when I would need it, and I would starve, and I would not have the same hygiene.

Can you explain the basic driving rules?

You should respect the traffic lights as well as the traffic signals, also It is necessary to take the lights on for the day if the sky is clouded or rains, moreover you must put the belt in order that nothing happens to you, as well as you can not drive drunk.

Brief history of the Coloseum in Rome.

The Coloseum was called this way by a statue that was nearby, in addition it was used during more than 500 years, the amphitheatre, which was the biggest constructed in the Roman Empire, in there died many persons who gave his life for the spectacle

What did your favourite singer say in his best songs?

Bono said: ''I can't live with or without you'' Bono said that he couldn't live with or without her.

Sam smith said: ‘’I wish this would be over now but I know that I still need you here’’ Sam Smith said that he wished that would be over then but he knew that he still needed her there.