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Weekly Staff Newsletter May 9-13, 2016

Have you seen this? Looks really useful!

Anyone looking for childcare?

Sargeant White's wife will be babysitting beginning this fall 2016. She has 2 openings left. She is only taking children ages infant through age 4. She would be someone I would FULLY trust with my own children!

Class Lists for 2016-17

Have pink and blue sheets ready for next Thursday. We are going to be sorting students into classes for next year. Mrs. Bright will be working with Mrs. Mason and Mrs. Leonhard first to place some specific students.

**Let's ALL remember to allow the next year teachers the opportunity to build a positive relationship with each and every student next year, without totally tainting their perception of that child with "OH NO's, or GET READY's, or WATCH OUT's." We definitely want to share strategies that will support these students, whether they have academic needs or behavior managment needs...but you know how you don't really want to hear how you are getting "THAT" kid?? Let's be cautious not send those messages or talk that way, no matter how tempted you are to share your frustrations.

The Week at a Glance

May 9

Boy Scout recruitment visitor during lunch times

Leadership Team Meeting 4pm

Board of Education 7pm (Candy and Buffy honored)

May 10

PDC workday (Beckwith and Nordstrom)


Interviews (Rice, Bright)

May 11

Title I, IC, Admin Mtg. 9:30am, Room 103

Collaboration: Assortment - iPad updates, PDPs

May 12

Team Meetings: Create 2016-17 Class Lists

Retirement Party for Candy Teegarden 4:30pm

May 13

Make sure all data is turned in!

iPad collection day

District Title I Meeting

5th Grade Graduation 2:30 in gym

Ball Field WAAAAAY Out Back Getting a Facelift

Bill Tuck may be working on the baseball diamond that is waaaaaay out back, beyond the playground. We have 15 parks and rec t-ball teams this spring, so they need another field! He is planning to work on it either on the weekend or really early in the morning, but just in case you see a white-haired guy out there, he has permission!

Parent Surveys

I had a parent survey in the May parent newsletter. If anyone returns this survey (it will be on yellow paper), please send it to the office. Thanks!
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