Trick Riding

Come watch us practice and learn our new tricks.

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In trick riding, we offer young ones ages 9-13 lessons for $50 for every month. We teach for upcoming children competitions. Build your strength and be quick! We teach all the basic skills. This camp is usually in the summer around July and at the end you come and watch your child perform. We hope you can join us for the wildest month of your life!

About our Job

For our job we need special equipment. The horses need to be trained by a professional trick rider. Trick riders are in danger every time they go out in the rink or train. You need to be extra careful when you practice or compete. You need some equipment yourself. If you train be sure to have a professional come out and help you. A parent should be present for safety. It's a lot of fun, so hopefully you can try it out!

Our Education

We take courses starting from beginner to advanced to be professionals. Starting young is a good start for training to be a professional. You need to have physical strength, athletic agility, and flexibility. It can be helpful is you come from a background of dancing or gymnastics. Education for trick riding is very important, you need to learn all about it to master it professionally.


The regular horse salary is $52,739, however it can range between $43,826-65,151. The salary of a trick rider depends on their company size, education, and years of experience. It can also be determined by industry or location. You would need to work hard and compete in competitions to win!

Some of our tricks!