Aliens Come To Earth

Travel Guide

3 Natural Features

I am making a travel guide so that if any aliens want to come visit earth they can visit my three physical features. The Amazon Rain forest, The Carcross Desert, And the Pacific ocean.

3 Physical features

Amazon Rain Forest

The Amazon Rain Forest located in South America. Some challenges of living in the Amazon Rain Forest are animals. There are cheetahs, tapirs, grand river otters and other wild life face threat, and fires. Some opportunities that the Amazon Rain forest gives us are medicine and lots of oxygen. Some travel tips are if you want to get there faster you should take a plane instead of driving to South America. And try not to touch things that you know are bad.

Amazon Rain Forest Packing List

You need to bring clothes and shoes lots of shoes. Long sleeve shirts, dri fit shirts, clothes to wear around the loundge, a head band, hair products, laundry detergent, bug spray, hair ties, cheap sunnies shampoo, a backpack, fishing pole, and a hydrater.

The Pacific Ocean

The Pacific ocean is located in between North America, South America, And Australia. Some challenges of living in the pacific ocean are sharks, tsunamis if there is a small island near it. Some opportunities of living in the pacific ocean are fish, ocean plants give us half of are oxygen, also they regulate our weather and form the the clouds that bring us fresh water. Some travel tips of going to the Pacific Ocean are do not drink any of the ocean water , do not jump into the water with sharks by your boat.

A Packing List For The Pacific Ocean

A warm sleeping bag, a pillow, pajamas, 3 pairs of shoes, 8 pairs of long socks, 4 pairs of sweatpants, warm jackets, 7 ti shirts, 5 pairs of underwear, one hat, bottles of water, flash lights, tooth brush, soup deoderant, shampoo, comb, soupand tooth paste.

Carcross Desert

The Carcross desert is located in Yukon Canada. Some challenges of living in the desert are the heat, and predators like lions, and honey badgers. Some oppertunities that they give us are like if its the winter it will have heat to warm us and water and cactus. Some travel tips for the car cross desert are don't touch the cactuses, and make sure you bring water.

Carcross Desert Packinglist

You need to pack Ti shirts, shorts, long sleeve shirts, sun block, sun glasses, and a hat, shoes, food, water, a phone for emergencys.

3 Ways Humans Regionalize To The Earth


Time Zone


You can use all of these things to split up the earth.

Some Other Places You Should Visit

The great big Lakes of Michigan. Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Huron.