Warren Woods Public Schools

2021 Summer Programming

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Days, Time & Locations

Days & Time:

The camps will be offered Monday through Thursday each week beginning July 12th and ending on August 12th.

Elementary: 8am-12pm (lunch will be to go) *SACC is available if interested

Middle School & High School Credit Recovery: 9am - 1:30pm (lunch provided 11-11:30am)


For Elementary Summer Programming, we aim to provide both virtual and in-person options for our families. The final determination will be based on student registration and parents’ request.

For our High School Credit Recovery program, most courses will be offered in-person. If a student requests a course that is not offered on site, we may partner with Edgenuity to provide an online course option.


If you child currently qualifies for WWPS transportation than your child would be eligible to receive transporation.

Summer Programs

As you register your child. Please consider the grade level they will be entering in the 2021-22 school year. This will help you as you select the WWPS Summer Program that will best fit their needs.

Program Descriptions by Level

Special Education

Warren Woods Public School District is committed to providing students with disabilities a free and appropriate public education consistent with federal and state laws. Students requiring specialize instruction will be provided support according to their current Individual Education Plan or 504 Plan.

Students identified as English Language Learners with be provided instructional support by a certified Warren Woods Teacher in collaboration with Classroom Teachers during the summer school camp.

Special Education Classroom

Students with mild to moderate disabilities focusing on the Essential Elements of Common Core Curriculum will be supported in a self-contained classroom. Adaptive and communication skills will be incorporated into academic lessons.

Instruction will be provided by a Special Education Teacher and Para-professional.

Resource Room/Teacher Consultant

Students with learning disabilities that require academic accommodations and modification to the Common Core Curriculum will be supported by a Special Education Teacher in collaboration with the General Education Teacher.


KinderConnect & First Fundamentals: KinderConnect (entering K) and First Grade Fundamentals (entering Grade 1)

Within Kinder Connect and First Grade Fundamentals Summer programs, students will be engaged in interactive, meaningful literacy experiences through daily read alouds and shared readings. They will gain important pre-reading/writing concepts such as print awareness, phonological awareness, letter/sound knowledge, oral language, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing fluency.

Title I Summer Scholars: Intended for Students Entering First through Fifth Grade

The Summer Scholars Program is an instructional school-based program targeting literacy and math intervention for students entering Grades 1-5. Students will be engaged in comprehensive and meaningful literacy and math instruction using evidence based practices to address their individual needs.

STEM Literacy Camp: Intended for Students Entering Second through Fourth Grade

In this camp, students will engage with high-interest science-based texts to develop vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension strategies. Text levels will vary between beginning of 2nd grade and end of 4th grade. Students reading below an early 2nd grade reading level may struggle with the materials. Students will also engage in science and engineering activities and investigations focused on developing rich content knowledge.

Middle School

Math Mindset: Intended for students Entering 6th - 9th Grades

This program is geared toward students who believe mathematics is not their strength. The goal is to communicate the brain research to math students and teach them through an approach that is open, creative and visual. The term “growth mindset” comes from the work of Carol Dweck. Her studies show that everyone holds ideas about their own potential. Students with a fixed mindset are those who are more likely to give up easily, whereas students with a growth mindset are those who keep on going even when work is hard, and who are persistent. The curriculum is based on a model used at Stanford University with 81 students with a wide range of achievement levels. Students in the study demonstrated 1.6 years of growth after 18 days of instruction. (Jo Boaler, Mathematics Education Professor, Stanford University) www.youcubed.org

Academic Literacy Success: Intended for students entering 6th through 9th grade

The focus of the course is to provide students with integrated reading and writing strategies. Material selection is focused on strategies that develop vocabulary, fluency, comprehension. Students' strengths and weaknesses are addressed through whole group and small group instruction. Emphasis is placed on understanding text structure, making relevant connections to text, asking questions, inferring, summarizing, and synthesizing through independent reading, reflective journaling, written summaries and open response questions. Materials include high interest, leveled fiction and non-fiction text.

High School

Credit Recovery: Intended for students entering 10th through 12th grade

Our summer credit recovery courses are designed to create a highly supportive learning environment for students who need extra help in order to succeed. Most of our summer credit recovery program will be offered in-person directly through WWPS staff. However, if your child needs to earn credit in a class that is not offered in-person, we will work with Edgenuity to offer online options. In either scenario, classes will be taught by highly-qualified, Michigan-certified online teachers, who are endorsed in the subject area and grade-level related to your student’s credit recovery needs. We will also be offering mentors so students can receive the support they need in order to succeed.