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Marine Biologist

What they do

A marine biologist reaserches and discovers new things about marine life. They can study seals, sharks, planton, and many other neat things. Marine biologist can even tag and track whales to find new interesting discoveries about them.

Job growth is 14%-20% Average salary is $45,230

More about marine biologist

You have to have a bachelor's or master's degree in marine biology, some businesses also require a degree in zoology. For this job you need to have a positive attitude, and a loving personality that is interested in marine life. This career benefits our society in many ways. It gives us a better understanding for our oceans, and it helps us learn how to protect and preserve marine life.

Companies that hire marine biologist

Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institution          National Oceanic and Atmosperic            AdministrationScriprs Institue Of Ocean Ography