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April Updates

The Scoop

Happy April everyone! Monthly specials have been announced see below. I have added you all to my google chat/live webinar classes that will be on the 27th of April (1pm & 7pm PST). This will allow you to add anyone to the class you might think would be interested, please message me with there names so you can receive their enrollment. These will begin to be ongoing, once or twice a month. If you find people are interested in New Zealand we can adjust/come up with a "best" time for those folks. Keep experimenting with product, next time you have a friend over let them put a drop of peppermint on their neck and experience the beauty of that oil.

I hope everyone has a fantastic week, reach out if you need something, don't forget to adjust your monthly orders.


USA Specials

New Zealand Specials

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This is quite special. Jasmine and Rose oils aren't available to purchase and are very expensive please follow link to learn more about how you can earn these.