Much Ado About Nothing

Written by: William Shakespeare


  • Benedick: This role could be played by Jim Parsons. Parsons is famously known for his role as Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang Theory. The aforementioned characters share many of the same characteristics including their quick wit, their refusal to get married, and their refusal to admit their love. Both Parsons and Benedick love to tell others what to do and force others to conform to their ways.
  • Don John: If Much Ado About Nothing were ever made into a production, I believe Arben Bajraktaraj would perfectly fill the role of Don John. Bajraktaraj, also known as Marko from Taken, suits this role well because he is the ultimate villain. While both characters create a grand scheme to ruin the life of the protagonist, their plans eventually foil. The actor with the role of Don John requires a slimy, conniving, and mischievous personality, and Bajraktaraj possesses just that.
  • Hero: Selena Gomez adequately fits the role of Hero in Much Ado About Nothing. The biggest reason Gomez is a great match is because of her stunning looks. As described, Hero is a girl with a bit of a nice-streak and great look. Through the course of several shows and movies, Gomez has proven her persistence to these characteristics.


  • Event 1: Throughout the course of the short story, characters Benedick and Beatrice continually bicker. However, the truth is the two secretly are hidden lovers. The constant fighting between these two characters develops their relationship proving a rather childish, yet strong, love for each other. While these two love to toss verbal jabs at one another, they also have strong compassion for one another as it is later revealed they wrote love letters to one another. At the end of the story, the two get married.
  • Event 2: As part of the rising action of the story, Don John plots to ruin the wedding of Claudio and Hero. In an attempt to convince Claudio that Hero is disloyal, he arranges for Borachio and a Hero look alike, Margaret, make love. Claudio witnesses this occurring and is appalled. This further proves Don John is a horrendous individual for spoiling the love and happiness of a couple. This also proves Borachio is simply a companion of Don John and will mindlessly agree to whatever he suggests he do. This event sets up the peak of the story, at which emotions are at an all time high.
  • Event 3: After Claudio witnesses the disloyalty of Hero, Hero's family suggests she go into hiding to avoid embarrassment, and pretend to be deceased. Eventually, Claudio finds the truth after Dogberry and his servant hear Borachio bragging. Soon after, Hero "revitalizes". This sets the stage for the wedding between Hero and Claudio. Additionally, this proves that Claudio and Hero possess a strong bond for one another.


The song "Jealous", by Nick Jonas is an excellent portrayal of the theme of jealousy within the story. There are several lyrics within the song that further prove this point. The song begins by Jonas speaking in the eyes of someone who believes their lover is betraying them. The lyrics, "I don't like the way he's looking at you. I'm starting to think you want him too" reveal the possible spite Jonas may now be holding. In "Much Ado About Nothing", Claudio witnesses who he believes is Hero, making love to Borachio. While the readers knows the Hero-look-alike is truly Margaret, Claudio himself is left in despair. Furthermore, the lyrics, "'Cause you're too sexy, beautiful and everybody wants to taste" relates to Claudio appreciating the beauty of Hero.
Nick Jonas - Jealous (Audio)