LFSC Distric Fair High Point Show


The Littlefork saddle club is hosting it's 2013 High Point Award show during the Northern District Fair . With the past years we have made this day of fun, food and game prizes. This year we would like to make it a bigger year and get more people involved by helping keep LFSC active and a place for our horses and owners and Our community the true beauty of these animals and how much they effect us in such a positive way and the entertainment they can bring towards us. We are asking our community to help us keep this entertainment alive. Donations will give the LFSC and their 2013 show the start of a bigger and better beginning for the club. It will bring in more people and more support and not to mention more fun.. So come on down and help the LFSC your donations and support are greatly appreciated in putting so much towards this club..

  • For any questions please contact : Shelly Timmer @ 320-241-7351 or Melissa Harder @ 763-242-9001