The Sacred Acre- Ed Thomas

Authors: Mark Tabb and the rest of the Thomas family

Presentation by: Molly B. and Carly T.

Aplington- Parkersburg School District

Aplington and Parkersburg are two small towns in Iowa. In 1992 the schools combined into one school district. Sixteen years later a devastating tornado hit Parkersburg, and one man lead us to pick up the pieces of his beloved, broken town, Ed Thomas.

Early Life

Ed was born and raised in What Cheer, Iowa. Ed's father was an alcoholic, and his mother was a strong christian. Ed had four other siblings, three sisters and one brother. Ed went to church every Sunday and his *grandmother urged him to memorize Bible verses.

*The Sacred Acre page 54

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Ed Thomas left a huge impact on Parkersburg and his team. Many of his players would move back to Parkersburg, so Ed could impact their sons like he impacted them. Ed made a mission field by impacting students/people in the school. He constantly looked for the good in people. Ed also impacted students/people spiritually. Ed was a very strong christian who continually blessed many people.

1. Faithful 2. Compassionate 3. Determined 4. Courageous 5. Perseverance


In 1975 Ed knew Parkersburg needed a head football coach. Ed started a "three year" plan. In his fifth year Ed took A-P to state. After the tornado, Ed continued Summer season lifting in the high school bus barn, since the high school was demolished. Ed's team won its first game after the tornado 53-20.


On May 25, 2008 an EF5 tornado swept through Parkersburg. The Thomas's home was one of the many many homes demolished on that day. The High School was demolished and the football field was covered in debris. Many people came and helped clean the field and everywhere else in Parkersburg.
Damage to the Aplington-Parkersburg High School