By Green Swan


The hinduism religion is the oldest religion in the world and only indians believe in it. It was made about 4000 years ago. Hinduism is a different religion compared to others because it has thousands of gods, there isn't not one that everyone believes in, and also Hinduism is even weirder because it doesn't have a founder.


The Om Symbol is a mango tree which is the symbol of everything past present and future. Aum is another symbol which represents a sacred sound. Cows, Snake Peacocks and Elephants are considered holy animals to the people of Hindu.


Hinduism Has heaps of gods. Trimurti is the name for the three most important Hindu gods. The most important god is Brahma, he had to create the world and all the creatures living in it. Next is Vishnu, he protects the universe. The third most important is Shiva. He has to destroy the world so he can re-create it perfectly.


The main festivals for Hindus are Holi, Mahas, Varati, Ram Navimi, Janamashtami, Navarati, Dussehra and Divali. Different groups of Hindu worshipers celebrate Hindu New Year on different days.

Fun Facts

Hindus are mainly vegeterians and do not eat beef. There are four groups of Hindus, they are brahmin, kshatryia, vaishya and shudras and each has it's own customs and traditions. More than 80% of India's population is Hindu. Hinduism is the 3rd most popular religion after Islam and Christianity.