Bleeding Kansas

Jennifer Lee & Andrew Njo

Bleeding Kansas

Bleeding Kansas was a series of violent political confrontations that was between anti-slavery and pro-slavery. It took place in the Kansas Territory and the neighboring towns of the state of Missouri from 1854 to 1861. Majority of the people who lived in Kansas were anti-slavery farmers. Pro-slavery farmers moved into the territory. Slave holding farmers from Missouri tried to vote in the Kansas Election. The main conflict was whether Kansas would allow/outlaw slavery and enter the Union as a slave or free state. The Bleeding Kansas divided the Democratic Party and eventually became one of the factors that led to the Civil War.

Open Violence

John Brown, an abolitionist, came to the Kansas Territory to fight against slavery, which he ended up killed five settlers. He eventually was captured and hanged but he became a martyr for his actions.

Preston Brooks beat Charles Sumner with a cane out of fury after Sumner attempted to ridicule South Carolina Senator Andrew Butler.