Summer Slice Vol. V

LA Staff News

Get a CALM.COM Subscription for FREE to use at LA!

Remember, practicing mindfulness for 12 minutes a day will rewire the brain in a positive way! Our KIDS need this, and let's be honest, it wouldn't hurt us either! I've used to help myself fall asleep (and my kids); it's a great resource!! If you go to you can fill out a form and they will reply with a coupon code for you to get a free subscription. Play around with this this summer and let me know what you think! Remember, we can't expect kids to use it if we don't use it ourselves. Seriously, I need to meet you if you can't find something valuable in there! ;)

I would be THRILLED to know our students accessed this DAILY!!!

What does an LA staffer do during the summers??

Well, it looks like Alexa still has Mark busy with football this summer! This is Mark meeting with kids at summer school to get them excited for youth camps! Mark would also like to take this minute to invite everyone to bring their kids to the Eagle camps this summer! And, if you are so interested, you can find Marky-Mark at the Liberty North Football 1st Annual Golf Tournament. He'd love to see the LA staff bring a team! :)

I'm glad Mark is still breathing navy and gold. We look forward to seeing the launchpad again in August!

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Remember that book in your mailbox?

I'd love for you to read at least one chapter of the book. If you don't want to read on, that's fine. I think after one chapter you can see how the book may be a beneficial read for some of our students. We have enough copies for some students to read, so when you are done with the book turn it back into me so that we can check them out to students.

Interested in Summer PD ($18/hour)

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Upcoming Dates to Note...

August 6th: New staff to Liberty start date (Jared and Jodi)

August 6th: Registration (optional) 2:00-6:00

August 7th: Registration (optional) 8:00-12:00

August 9th: All teachers return.

August 15th: First day of school.

August 22nd: Back to School Night 6:00-7:00

18-19 Liberty Academy Staff

Melissa Norris, Director

Debi Straws, Secretary

Lori Streu, Counselor

Andrea Johnson, Social Worker

Theo Fundermann, Interventionist

Mark Krause, ISS Instructor

Joe Rooney, Security

Robin Anderson, Long Term Suspension

Lisa Augustine, Missouri Option Program

Judy Smith, Alt. Ed. Teacher

Christine Patterson, Teacher

Art Smith, Teacher

Chad Brinkmeyer, Teacher

Summer Kelley, Teacher

Nick Schwieder, Teacher

Paul Richardson, Teacher

Jared Haferbier, Special Education Teacher

Jodi Williams-Sipes, .5 Teacher

Janet Knoke-LA Cafeteria

Don Creason-LA Custodian

Kathy Wright-LMS Nurse

Ed Leal-Technology