Cure for Colour Blindness

Is there any possibility of a solution?

Causes of Colour Vision Deficiency (Blindness)

  • Damage to cone cells
  • X chromosomes
  • Diabetes
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Liver diseases

The Different Kinds of Colour Blindness

With the Use of Tinted Lenses...

  • ColorMax
  • ColorView
  • ChomaGen
  • ColorLite
We can help people distinguish between shades when they couldn't before. Glasses, contact lenses and even implants can change the way your brain perceives colour and help people to know what colours they are looking at.
Step 1- The colourblind eye sends the image to your brain for you to perceive. This shows the incorrect colours of what the normal eye sees and is the original before the lens.
Step 2- The lensed eye sends an altered image to the brain that perceives the image with a tint, and is different to what the other eye sees.
Step 3- With these two messages contrasting, your brain is able to put them together to create a unified image. This allows the brain to perceive vision differently then what was there originally and helps colourblind people to see more colour variety than before.


Although no studies have been able to prove that this works, scientists at the AAO (American Academy of Ophthalmology) have been researching how it is possible to provide a colourblind person with normal vision. Ongoing animal testing has been providing some information the experiment, and they hope to have human trials by 2017.