Warning: Graphic Images Enclosed

Riley Smith

Mount View High School, located in El Paso, Texas, has enforced a dress code requiring girls to have every inch of their body covered, except their feet, hands, and faces. The administration believes that this dress code will help keep everyone focused on their studies and not distracted by shoulders, knees, or elbows.
Principal Hank Nillar said that he hopes that this dress code will help young women learn how to dress conservatively. "The girls need to learn that boys will be distracted by them wearing short dresses and tanktops. If the girls are completely covered up, the boys will pay attention in class and get better grades. They will get into better colleges and have better lives. We are helping our boys here."
The girls however are outraged. Jane Smith, a junior at Mount View High School, said that it is unfair for the administration telling them how they can and cannot dress. "We shouldn't have to completely cover up in ninety degree weather. More girls are being pulled out of class now for heat strokes than they were for having a dress code violation, " says Smith. Principal Nillar responded by saying that the girls were going to be okay. "We are working on fixing the AC so the girls will be alot more comfortable," he says.
To the right is what is considered appropriate to wear to school for the girls. After Smith suggested to her principal that they teach the boys to be respectful of the girls and keep focused on their work rather than the girls and what the are wearing, Principal Niller basically laughed at the idea. He stated, "Boys will be boys. There is no point in trying to change their mindset. We can control what the girls wear, but we can not control what the boys were genetically programed to think about."