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A newsletter for Alta Vista Staff~Week of April 16, 2018

Don't Forget! Next Week's Calendar

  • No pull-out interventions for grades 2-5 all week
  • RtI Updates during conference time on Monday, April 16
  • Mock STAAR Science (Gr 5) on Tuesday, April 17
  • Mock STAAR Math (Gr 3-4) on Wednesday, April 18
  • 5th Six Weeks Awards DUE in Spreadsheet on Wednesday, April 18
  • Link:
  • Faculty Meeting on Wednesday, April 18 **TRIADS MEET**
  • Mock STAAR Reading (Gr 3-4) on Thursday, April 19
  • Family Arts Festival & Gr 1-2 Performances on Thursday, April 19 @5:30-7:00 pm
  • Math PLCs on Friday, April 20
  • Mayborn Discoveryt Box (Gr 3) on Friday, April 20
  • TTESS Appraisal Information DUE Sunday, April 22

Coming Up: Family Arts Festival (Gr 1-2 Performances) on Thursday, April 19 at 5:30-7:00 pm

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Interventions & Tutoring

We will resume after-school tutoring for grades 2-5. We will be doing MATH (Gr 2-4) and SCIENCE (Gr 5). Mrs. Helton will leave materials in your box.

Due to Mock STAAR testing, we will be doing push-in interventions on Monday and no pull-out interventions on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. We will be passing out LLI lessons for your intervention groups that you meet with in-class. Students that are regularly pulled-out for interventions will stay in your room on Monday-Thursday and work on computer-based reading programs.

DBA Testing Information

Due to Mock STAAR testing, we will be adjusting the master schedule slightly. Please realize that we will be utilizing our intervention team as well as Ms. Maynard, Ms. Boggess, Ms. Freeman, Ms. Abel, and Ms. Koenig.

We will be using the computer lab, library, and Room 3 during these 3 days.

REVISED Schedule for Tuesday (Gr 5 Testing)

Gr 5 will switch SPECIALS and LUNCH with 4th grade.

5th Grade Lunch: 12:30-1:00

5th Grade Specials: 2:10-3:00

4th Grade Lunch: 12:00-12:30

4th Grade Specials: 10:15-11:05

REVISED Schedule for Wednesday & Thursday (Gr 3-4 Testing)

3rd Grade will switch LUNCH times with 5th grade (regular specials times).

3rd Grade Lunch: 12:00-12:35 (staggered every 3 minutes)

5th Grade Lunch: 11:15-11:50 (staggered every 3 minutes)

4th Grade will keep to their regular lunch and specials schedule.

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Family Art Festival

Don't forget our Family Art Festival on Thursday! Specials, 1st grade, and 2nd grade teachers are expected to attend. We would love to have help from everyone else though!

**Mrs. Britt could use help hanging up artwork in the late afternoon on Wednesday & Thursday!**

Here are the plans:

Math PLCs

We will have math PLCs this week with Mr. A. Please bring your upcoming unit tests, lesson planning materials, and work samples. For grades 3-4, we will also be discussing DBA data.

From Your Captain


TTESS Time! Your TTESS Appraiser will be emailing you to schedule the conference. Here is what you need to be working on before then:

  1. Upload and document evidence towards the completion of your 2 goals in Eduphoria Strive
  2. Complete "Part II: Goal Reflection" AND "Professional Development Plan" in the "Goal Setting & Professional Development" form in Eduphoria Strive. As you think about goals for next year, plan to tie at least one goal to the Waco ISD Super 7 Expectations.
  3. Gather evidence to support your performance in Domain 4 of TTESS (Professional Demeanor & Ethics; Goal Setting; Professional Development; School Community Involvement) **See example that Ms. Mattoon put together for a good idea of what we are looking for.
  4. Print out your student achievement data to discuss (District scores, Rigby, Istation, Education Galaxy, Smarty Ants/Achieve3000, or other documentation)
  5. Schedule time for your End of Year Conference (Logan/Helton will email you)

Steps 1-4 are to be completed by Sunday, April 22. End of Year Conferences will begin immediately on April 23. Once the End of Year Conference is complete, your TTESS Appraiser will release your Summative Annual Appraisal on Eduphoria for you to sign (on paper and electronically).

**Please review the forms below as you prepare for your End of Year Conference.

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Conscious Discipline

Weekly Commitment: I will be ready to learn by doing my best, even when the work is hard.

Makerspace Trash

NO MORE CARDBOARD BOXES PLEASE! Put them in the dumpster.

Mrs. Helton is now collecting recycled items like bottle caps, plastic yogurt containers, cardboard food boxes, and other items that students could use to create projects in Makerspace. Mrs. Helton will have a white basket in her office to collect your items (PLEASE make sure they are clean so we don't attract bugs).

The 3 Cs'

Practicing without penalty is essential to developing a confident and capable student. "Who Am I?" vocabulary game is very easy to implement and requires little teacher prep. It also helps to build students' academic vocabulary.

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Summer Professional Development

The Professional Development department has started listing summer course offering, including courses for GT 30-hours or updates, ESL certification training, blended learning & technology, and Super 7 integration/implementation. As an IR campus, we receive more "spots" so start signing up now!

Some courses are on Eduphoria from Region 12. As an "Enhanced Co-op" most courses are free. If there is a cost, the PO# will be specified in the course details once you register. You will still need to register through Region 12 after you sign up in Eduphoria. If you're confused or have questions, just see Mrs. Helton or follow the directions in the file below.

Make sure that you are registering for courses that are aligned with your TTESS professional goals.

Waco ISD Super 7

Please review the district expectations for Super 7 for journaling.
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