Preschool News

May 2015

Looking Ahead

Last month you were challenged to reflect on the new skills you've mastered and new teaching strategies you've implemented. As the pressure of kindergarten transition eases, and you begin to anticipate a well deserved break from teaching please know plans are being made for continued growth next school year. Here is a sneak peek into coming attractions.

The NC Department of Public Instruction is adding five more modules to the Foundations training. Additional training in Formative Assessment is the first module. Effective Teaching Practices to Promote Emotional Literacy; Controlling Anger; Problem Solving and Friendship Development are other areas that will be covered.

We will complete the inter-rater reliability certification process through Teaching Strategies GOLD. It is an on-line course that offers portfolios with documentation for 3 students in which teachers assign developmental levels which are compared with master teacher ratings.

We will participate in another book study .

At our May meeting you will have an opportunity to give feedback on professional development and input on future professional development. Give some thought to what support would be most helpful to your teaching practice.

Child Outcome Summary (COS)

COS is a process for summarizing data from North Carolina for federal reporting purposes. For children who are transitioning to kindergarten and have been receiving exceptional children's services for at least 6 months, teachers must complete an exit COS. This process is completed through easyiep under the documents tab. The entry COS is completed by the assessment team. The exit COS must be completed with family input and related service providers who serve the student. At our May professional development session you will receive training on completing the Child Outcome Summary Process.

1. For children who will not transition to kindergarten, teachers will print the individual child profile from TS GOLD and place it in the COS envelope at the back of the child's EC folder. This process replaces what we have done previously through an update that was handwritten at the annual review. (LESS PAPERWORK!)

2. For children who are transitioning to kindergarten you will not need to hold a final checkpoint conference (since you will have met with the family at the Kindergarten transition IEP meeting) You will complete the final checkpoint and create the Family Conference form which you will send home. (LESS MEETINGS!)

During the last few weeks of school you will send home the Parent Input at Exit for COS Form and add parent comments to your exit data.The Spanish and English versions of this document are linked below as well as a cover letter that explains the purpose of the form to parents.

3.The exit COS should be placed in the envelope in the back of the child's EC folder. You must complete the COS exit process before you take an EC folder to the receiving school.

Cover letter for Parents

Parent input to COS at Exit

Spanish Cover letter for Parents

Spanish Parent input to COS at Exit

Teaching Strategies GOLD

Final checkpoint dates are coming up.

Year Round schedule: May 8 with conferences between 5/11/and 6/4

Traditional schedule: May 15 with conferences between 5/18/and 6/10.

All students who are moving to kindergarten will be removed from your class list in TS GOLD after June 12.

Professional Development

Tuesday, May 12th, 3-5pm

721 Brewer Drive

Monroe, NC

Bring a pen.