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Edition 2.3 - December 2015

Fort Thomas Elementary Music - Bells
Happy Holidays!

Kindergarten Spanish with Julie Dashley (K-2 Spanish)

1st Grade Music with Mary Scaggs (K-2 Music)

K-2nd Grade Art with Nikki Everett (K-2 Art)

3rd Grade Spanish with Silvia McClamrock (3-5 Spanish)

3rd-5th Grade Music with David Rockel (3-5 Music)

5th Grade Art with Jennifer Flynn (3-5 Art)

Kindergarten Spanish with Señora Dashley

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In kindergarten, we are learning numbers 0-15. In the pictures, we are practicing in centers. In one group, one student chooses a card and tells the number in Spanish and the other student uses the counters (pom poms) to visually represent that number while counting in Spanish. In the other picture, students play the "Secret Number" game where one student thinks of a number and the others have to guess which number it is. Soon, we will be able to add and subtract in Spanish!

Also, we have a visitor! Señor Jingles, our "duende" has been with us since after Thanksgiving break! In all grades, we read the book, Elf on the Shelf, in Spanish and, since we are learning how to say where things are located in second grade, they have been guessing where he'll be next time they come to Spanish class. It has been a lot of fun to see all of the silly places Señor Jingles chooses to hide!

Julie Dashley

K-2 Spanish Educator FTIS

1st Grade Music - Mrs. Scaggs and Student Teacher Rachael Gasser

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BUGS EVERYWHERE! Who knew Johnson would be infested with so many bugs? It is ok because our first grade students at Johnson are performing the musical “A Bugz Christmas.” For 15 weeks they have been learning about drama concepts (i.e. character, props, costumes, lyrics, dialogue, blocking, etc) as well as learning dialogue and singing the 6 songs in the show. The show was performed on Thursday December 17th for the school and again in the evening for the community. Moyer and Woodfill are going to begin working on their spring musical “Bugz” and will perform their show in April. What a creepy, crawly time to be a first grade student!

Mary Scaggs - K-2 Music Educator FTIS

Rachael Gasser - K-2 Music Educator, NKU Student Teacher

K-2nd Grade Art with Mrs. Everett

Mrs. Everett's students were working hard making holiday cards for hospital patients at St. Elizabeth hospital in Fort Thomas. All of the elementary students at Johnson, Moyer, and Woodfill are helping Mrs. Everett and Mrs. Flynn to make over 1,200 note cards that will be placed on the patient's meal trays to add a bit of holiday cheer.

The 2nd grade students have been busy creating a winter landscape for a holiday card contest and holiday cards for St. Elizabeth Hospital. Additionally, they have been studying the difference between Landscapes, Still Life Paintings and Portraits. The students have been creating art inspired by famous paintings and thinking about the subject matter of their artwork. This last week, the students will be sharing their art and having a class critique where we can see culminating projects for the end of the 2nd Quarter. In January we will be starting our unit on Culture, my favorite!

Nikki Everett

K-2 Visual Art Educator FTIS

Art Room Donations

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Miscellaneous Craft Supplies

3rd Grade Spanish - Señora McClamrock

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In the 3rd Grade we are working on learning about the weather. In class, we looked up the weather in different Spanish speaking countries and shared with the class.

Silvia McClamrock

3-5 Spanish Educator FTIS

3rd-5th Grade Music with Mr. Rockel

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The third, fourth, and fifth grade are caroling for the primary classes. This is a way to have students listen to and perform music created to fulfill a variety of specific purposes.

To quote Buddy the Elf, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear.”

David Rockel

3-5 Music Educator FTIS

5th Grade Art with Mrs. Flynn

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5th graders selected a culture or country of their choice to research. Based on their new knowledge, they designed an artwork inspired by this culture. Our world is so full of fascinating people! Different cultures help us see and appreciate a new point-of-view!

Jennifer Flynn

3-5 Visual Art Educator FTIS

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Congratulations to Emma Doerr

WES 3rd Grader - Emma Doerr's artwork was selected in a K-12 contest for the district's holiday card. Congratulations! It's brought a great deal of holiday cheer to its recipients!

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