How to become an ..... Art Teacher

Written by Audra Mitchell


In this article you will learn how to become an Art Teacher. I chose this topic because I was thinking about my future and what I want to be. I love to teach little kids and I like to do art projects. So I thought I should be an Art Teacher.

The Beginning

If you want to become an Art Teacher, the first step is to take an Art class and see if you like it. If you do like it, keep taking them. In middle school you could also take Art. I am taking art right now. So I will become a better artist. Next in high school you can take a more advanced level of art. And Finally in college you can art and become an art teacher.

Day to Day Life of an Art Teacher

This is you day to day life as a teacher.

1. Get up at 5:30 am

2. Get ready by 6:30 am

3. Drive to School (Get there around 7:00 am)

4. Grade papers until 7:35 am

5. Go though the first 5 hours of class

6. Eat lunch

7. Go though the last 3 hours of class (3:00)

8. Grade papers until 4:00 pm

9. Go home and go to bed

Katie Olson

A professional in the field in Katie Olson. She has been an Art Teacher for 20 years. She got a bachelors degree from ISU in Art Education. Then later on she got a masters from St Xaviers University in teaching and leadership. She has taught at many schools like

Galva Junior and Senior High School, Limestone High School, Chiddix Junior High, Fox Creek Elementary,Pepper Ridge Elementary, Fairview Elementary and Glenn Elementary.

Katie Suggests that you start young. She said she took as many art classes as she could in middle school and high school. In middle school she took an art class on Fridays. In high school she took so many classes she couldn't keep track of them all. She also said that she took classes in the summer and did art projects at home too.


Thanks for reading. I hope you all learned something new. Also I hope this article inspired you to become an Art Teacher. Please take these simple steps to becoming an Art Teacher. Thanks Again!!!!!

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