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Upcoming News


If you have students that need to come to summer school, then you need to make a phone call home. It does not need to be a surprise to a parent. Summer School letters will be mailed home on Wednesday.

Make sure your grade level has turned in their awards list and supply list to Jeri today.

Final Grades will be verified on Tuesday, May 24. Gradebook will be open on Friday, May 20.

TTESS Goals are due when check out lists are turned in at end of school year.

As the year ends, we all get a little busy. Just a reminder that you still need to monitor your students in the hallways.

If you have students who are misbehaving in your classroom, please call home.

Be sure to lock your classroom door daily. This is a safety precaution.

Be sure to communicate with parents about interventions and tutorials.


May 16: 6th grade band field trip

May 17: TECH Meeting by Conference Period (Upstairs)

May 18: GT Field Trip

May 19: Water Conservation Day 5th grade/ 7th grade field trip

May 20: 5th grade field trip/ 4th grade visit to FMS

May 23: STUCO field trip

May 24: UIL Field Trip

May 25: 8th grade at Ranch/Retirement Reception 3:45pm

May 26: NJHS Induction

May 27: AWARDS

8th grade; 8am; GYM

7th grade: 9:15am GYM

6th grade: 8:30am Upstairs

5th grade: 10am Upstairs

Check out List can be turned in at 12:30pm

Something Important!

5 Ways to Deal with Students Who Are Emotionally Disturbed

by Lynette Walters

1. Be sensitive--Think of your job as being to provide a security blanket for the student. I'm not saying for you to enable them, or give them a crutch, but to instead model your sensitivity to their needs.

2. Be Informed--Study and/or observe the student, if you will. Read the IEP and the BIP and research the disability to further increase understanding.

3. Be Proactive--Knowing triggers that may offset an episode is essential. ALWAYS THINK PREVENTION.

4. Be a Team Player--Consult and collaborate with parents, students, other teachers, coaches, etc to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Working together always enhances a students' chance of educational survival and success.

5. Be an Advocate--Advocate for the child's ability to cope with the emotional disorder in varied settings. Encourage them to be active, remind them that they are in control of their behavior and encourage others to be inclusive.