Unlock your inner artist

Arts programs should be integrated in every school.

The arts enhances learning while connecting other subjects.

* lessons are presented differently which uses different parts of the students brains

* the topics stretches students to think beyond what they were taught and rely on their own opinions

* uses fundamental skills commonly used in English and mathematics classes

*sharpens fine motor skills

Students who are involved in the arts are more likely to graduate.

* strengthens motivation and gives them projects to look forward to

* creates a global and personal awareness

* it gives the student a voice in their school and community

* teaches life lessons

The arts connects communities together while keeping old traditions alive.

Get involved in your school/community arts programs today!

Why are they helpful?

While academic programs are helpful students also benefit from art programs which should be incorporated in every school resulting in lower dropout rates, a strengthened awareness, and more originality within the student body.

Statistics prove:

- Directly stated from Burton: “The Burton study of more than 2000 children found that those in the arts curriculum were far superior in creative thinking, self-concept, problem-solving, self-expression, risk-taking, and cooperation than those who were not (“The Importance of Fine Arts Education”).

-Students who study art are 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement and 3 times more likely to be awarded for school attendance.