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May 12th (Update, May14th)

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From the desk of Principal Williams


Next week we celebrate our classified employees. Our classified staff is pretty amazing and have been instrumental in supporting our school this year. I am very fortunate for each one of them, from our instructional aides, yard duties, bus drivers, librarian, custodial staff, restorative specialist, and office staff. Thank you to all that donated snacks for our staff to help stock our staffroom. It is much appreciated. Please see below how you can participate in showing your appreciation for our staff.

With much gratitude,

Mrs. Williams

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Reminder...Health Screener

The daily health screen that is in Parent Square needs to be submitted before arriving on campus each day your student is in person.
Gold Pass Wednesday 05/12
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Be patient, and drive safe

  • Do not arrive early and park on the curb. We need to allow our buses access to the curb.
  • Do not double park blocking a lane of traffic, pull forward and next to the curb, if no space is available please circle around the block and try again.
  • Slow down, the speed limit in front of our school during school hours is 25mph
  • Do not make a left-hand turn into the Annex.
  • Do not make a U-turn in front of the school.
  • Be patient, pick up is only taking 10 to 15 minutes each day.

Daily Health Screener in Parent Square

Have you downloaded the Parent Square application on your phone? You will be required to submit a DAILY HEALTH SCREENING for each student BEFORE sending them to school each morning. Only send your student to school if you can say no to all of the questions in the screener. If your student need to be absent please let the office know. 707-890-3945.

Parent Square can also be accessed on a computer/Chromebook. Here is the link:

This step is required each in-person day for your students and you cannot send students without completing this!

We have made many phone calls supporting families call us if you need help!

Attendance & Absence Reminders

Attendance Reminders

  • Attendance for students is required daily. This is for both in-person learning and online learning.
  • We are seeing a huge number of absences on days where students are not in person with their teacher. Please make sure your student interacts with their teacher every single day and completes work online if they are learning from home. This is part of the daily attendance that the teachers are taking.

Absence Reminders

  • Anytime your student is going to be absent - either in person or online - please give us a call. This is so we can clearly document the reason for the absence. It also helps us so that we do not call you about absences later on in the day.
  • Remember that even if a student may be absent for a portion of the day, they can still complete work.
  • Please try to limit scheduling family events, appointments, errands, or other tasks during school hours - 8AM-12:20PM Monday-Friday


This is a reminder that we do have an Isolation Area on campus which is supervised by an Isolation Attendant. This isolation area includes a white tent which is for students who let us know that they are experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms listed on the SRCS COVID-19 Screener. Click here to review the symptom list - page 1 is in English / page 2 is in Spanish.

All families who have opted in for Hybrid (In Person) Learning should have read & understood the protocol and procedures related to students who display symptoms.

Within this Handbook, it states that any student who shows symptoms or tells their teacher that they have symptoms will be isolated. This is standard protocol from Santa Rosa City Schools and Public Health as it is very important that we follow these guidelines to keep our entire school site safe.

Any time a student has symptoms on the symptom list above, they will need to do one of the following before returning to school. Again, this is all part of our district-wide policy and it is outlined in the COVID Handbook.

  • get a negative COVID-19 test
  • have a clearance to return to school from a Doctor - clearly stating that symptoms are not due to COVID
  • wait out the 10 day isolation period