A Christmas Carol

Stave 1: The characters

Ebenezer Scrooge: greedy, rude, demanding

Bob Cratchit: kind, poor, obedient

Fred: optimistic, joyful, welcoming

Jacob Marley: greedy, regretful, creepy

Stave 2: The Ghost of Christmas Past

The ghost of Christmas past had a childlike face on a manlike body. He had a glowing light from his head and he carried a cap that puts that light out.

The spirit took Scrooge to the school he attended as a child to show him he spent many Christmas' alone. He takes Scrooge to Fezziwig's house to show him that not all Christmas memories are bad ones. The spirit also takes Scrooge to where his fiancé broke the engagement with him to show him how early greed had gotten the better of him.

Stave 3: The Ghost of Christmas Present

The ghost of Christmas present is a giant decked out in green. He is the "Christmas spirit", and he only lives for one day.

This spirit takes Scrooge to Bob Cratchit's house. Here he sees the meager feast the family has, and he seen Tiny Tim. The sprit takes Scrooge here to show him the Cratchit's living conditions under the salary that Bob earns. The spirit next takes Scrooge to his nephews Christmas party to show Scrooge what he's been missing out on all these years. Scrooge ends up having a great time at the party.

Stave 4: The Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come

The ghost of Christmas yet to come arrives dressed in an all black robe. You can't see this spirit's face, and the spirit remains silent.

The third spirit takes Scrooge to a time in the future where they see people talking about a business man who had died. They see workers of that man take his personal belongings to a pawn shop to sell them for money. The spirit shows Scrooge these events because it is obvious that this man was not liked very well. Later on Scrooge finds out that he is the business man that nobody seems to care about. The ghost also takes him to the Cratchit house where we see that the meager amount of money they earned was not enough to keep Tiny Tim around.

Stave 5: The Moral of the Story

In stave 5 Scrooge wakes up in a panic because he is unsure of what day it is, and because he is anxious to start changing his ways. When he finds out that it is Christmas day he becomes even more excited because he has not missed Christmas. He then sends a huge turkey to the Cratchit house and goes to his nephews Christmas meal. The next day when Bob arrives late for work Scrooge raises his salary and offers to support Bob's family and Tiny Tim.

I believe that the moral of the story is to put others first. When people say, "don't be a Scrooge," they are saying don't let greed get the best of you, think of others. The lessons in this story should not only be remembered at Christmas time, but every day.