Byzantine Empire

Necie Reed and Madison Mills

essential: how does leadership influence an empire?

Justinian and Justinians Code

in the beginning of byzantine under the rule of justinian in 527 A.D., the empire included the land around the Mediterranean sea. justinian was one of the best in history of the byzantine empire. he set the foundation for legal intellectual and cultural development. he was known mostly for the reconquest of of the west and the reunification of the empire under his authority. Justnian code was the collection of roman laws into one single volume.

religion and religious changes

during the early 8 and 9 centuries there was a movement implemented by byzantine emperors that that denied holliness of icons or religious images.

Greek Influences

under the rule of the macedonian dynasty founded by michael lll's successor byzantine enjoyed a golden age. byzantium gained and had more control over trade even though it covered less territory. the i,peria government patronized the arts and promoted greek studies of ancient history and literature. soon greek became the offical language of the state and a culture of monasticism centered on Mount Athos.
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Main Characteristics

byzantine had a lot of visual art, they we known for having good mosaic art. it decorated the walls of churches and important places. they had a civilized government. they had advanced art and arcitect, they were also advanced in literacy. they had advanced trade routes, and the had a unity of church and state. another main characteristic was one not many people know today, debates were a important factor in their public life. it kept knowledge and admiration. the emperors also participated in these debates.

decline and fall of the empire

the fall of the byzantine empire basically happened because they were loosing territory fast and a lot of it at that. the western monarchs ruled some of the byzantine empire for a while but never gained full control. the seljuik turks became a threat to the empire, and emperor john v tried to get financial help from the west but had no success. he was arrested as a insolvent debater in venice. soon the ottomans seized the church of constanatinople and the empire began to fell.

criticle: what influence did greek culture have on the byzantine empire?


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