Carbon, Carbon, Everywhere!

Carbon Appreciation Day

Sponsored by: Jessica Hausmann and Veronica Mohesky

Location: Forest Park

Time and Date: Sunday October 4, 2015 from 10am-6pm

Because Carbon is in every living thing, the city of Saint Louis would like to recognize Carbon's importance with a Carbon Appreciation Day!

Why Appreciate Carbon?

Carbon is in every living thing and is a major component of all organic compounds. Even plants use carbon in the form of carbon dioxide to grow! Plants get this from organisms who release carbon dioxide in respiration. Plants then use that carbon to create carbohydrates which are then eaten by animals and enter the food web. When organisms die, they release the carbon into the environment which makes rocks and fossil fuels form from it. Carbon dioxide is released from heat into the atmosphere. Thus, creating the carbon cycle!
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Booths and Refreshments


-The Deforestation Booth- talks about stopping deforestation because it releases too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Play a fun ring-toss onto a tree and win a free pea plant!

-The Human/Animal Respiration Booth- Sponsored by the Heart and Lung Association. Get a free respiratory examination!

-Fossil Fuel Booth- Enjoy a live speaker of how to properly conserve fossil fuels.


-Carbohydrates Booth: Enjoy a variety of organic treats loaded with lots of carbohydrates to give you energy!

-Photosynthesis Booth: Pick your own vegetables given lots of sun in order to produce oxygen through photosynthesis!

*Free drinks will be served sponsored by Dasani