Spring KySTE Conference Resources

March 4-6, 2015

What is KySTE?

KySTE, or the Kentucky Society for Technology in Education, is the local state chapter affiliate to ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education. KySTE holds several events each year to provide support of technology in and for education. You can learn more about both organizations by clicking on their names above.

The information that follows comes as recommendations from those that were able to attend the spring conference this year. If you would like further information or training, please contact your TRT: Elementary - Chris Walsh. Middle/High - Lisa Stamper
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Featured Speaker

Leslie Fisher, Chief Geek from Fisher Technologies, was this year's Featured Speaker. Leslie provided sessions on leadership and technology, video capturing/editing on iPads, photo editing, new gadgets and more! You can find resources to those sessions and more on her website HERE! Also, be sure to follow @lesliefisher on Twitter to get her most recent updates!
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Google Apps for Education or GAFE was one of the hot topics at KySTE this year. There were a variety of sessions covering the benefits of the collaboration tools built in to GAFE, the use of Google Docs, Digital Story Telling with Google Earth, Symbaloo and much more! Check out some of the session resources linked to below!

EBooks and Interactive Research Sites

By: Lindsey Murray @ Burlington Elementary

At KySTE, I spoke with a trade book rep at length about eBooks. I learned some very interesting and useful information. Many of the library publishing companies are beginning to offer eBooks for schools to purchase. One company, Capstone is currently offering a matching grant. (Click HERE for Flyer) If a school spends $500 to $5000 in eBooks they will match the purchase dollar for dollar. I have played around on their site, downloaded their iPad app, and previewed several of their books. I like what they have to offer. The books they have are very well done, many have AR tested, they could be downloaded to the iPads we have and be read off line, or they could be accessed via our library catalog system from any computer. If we purchase eBooks we have unlimited access to them, so 3 kids or 80 kids could read the same book at the same time. Teachers who are teaching the same topic can project books in the classroom at the same time. Capstone’s eBooks run around $25 per book.

The rep has offered up a free trial for us to check out what is available. He also gave us a free trial of Pebble Go and Pebble Go Next. These two sites are great for research. One focus on the United States and lets kids do specific research on individual states.

The website is http://www.mycapstonelibrary.com/menu/

Or you can download the iPad app – Capstone Interactive

Username: science

Password: read


username: science

password: read


username: science

password: read

The second company is called Abdo. They offer bound books which have a QR code on the front. Teachers, student, and parents can scan the QR code and then read the digital copy from their own device. This company is also offering some free products with purchase currently.

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App Smashing

By: Heather Smith @ Goodridge Elementary

“App smashing” is really just a phrase that refers to creating multi-media presentations and projects. I think something like this would be most useful in a Library, Computer lab or STEM setting. Of course if you have the tools and your students have the experience it could also be a fun way to enhance mundane classroom presentations or projects. One presenter told how she has a center in her library where the students read a short story then role two dice to see what two types of media they have to use to create a summary of the story.(Each number on the dice represents a different app or web tool) For example: Students may record themselves retelling the story in Audacity then pull their audio file into PowToons and create a visual presentation to enhance their verbal retelling of the story. Heidi Neltner from Johnson Elementary in Ft. Thomas shared tons of great ideas about how to incorporate this into your schools classrooms, libraries, or computer labs. She also has great resources on her webpage: http://learninprogress.blogspot.com/2015/02/app-smashing-ideas.html

Special thanks to the following people for contributing to this resource!

Connie Crigger, Principal @ Mann Elementary
Heather Smith, Third Grade Teacher @ Goodridge Elementary
Lindsey Murray, Title I Teacher @ Burlington Elementary
Ryan Dittmer, Technology Teacher @ Burlington Elementary
Tammy Kemper, STEM Teacher @ Burlington Elementary
Teresa Messenger, Librarian @ Kelly Elementary
Stacie Kegley, Librarian @ Longbranch Elementary

If I have missed anyone, please let me know!