Warren Middle School

The place with warriors, geniuses, and kind peeps


Football helps you with physical and mental toughness.The reasons you should try out for football is it is very fun and you become much more active.You could make lots of new friends.It will make your heart healthy and you can get much stronger. One challenging thing is you could get injuries, cramps, and back aches and it may push you to your limit. You also have to wake up at 6:00.


Basketball helps you with foot work and awareness. It is fun because it is fast paced and very up beat. Makes you have a ton of fun and be way more active. Some challenges are: it may be to fast for you, your feet may hurt bad, leg cramps. But if you get through that you can become a all-star player.

Musical Theater

Musical theatre can help you be a better singer and dancer. You can have a ton of fun and make friends but it can be challenging for people who cant dance or sing.


Tennis helps you with quickness and concentration. It is fun; no, very fun. Its quick, challenging and makes you very active. The challenges are you must know how to play and must be quick and practice gets canceled a lot.


Art makes you better at drawing and painting. It is more slow paced, calm and steady. But, the challenges you have to be good at drawing and you get hand cramps after a long time.