Zach Nay

By: Zach Nay

Free Time

My free time is usually pretty laid back, yet I'm always doing something. Since the bulk of my life is so tiring (not really but I like to think so) much of my free time is spent sleeping. The rest is listening to music and tinkering in my "workshop" or playing video games, or making videos. I recently got a GoPro and have been making various videos, from 1st person soccer, to Skiing on a snowy mountain. I also made a neat Christmas video for my Mom.


I have two sisters, age 11 and 18. My little sister Abby is a 6th grade diva that is very stressful to deal with. My older sister Sammi is also very stressful with all her drama. Both my sisters live with my mom, so I only see them on the weekends. My mom is awesome for many reasons. One being she can deal with my sisters; but she also is just a great loving person. My dad and I get along the best because we have the same personalities and sahre just about all the same interests. Those interests include working out, seeing movies, and watching documentaries that spark interesting conversations.


Much of my time is spent with my friends. Most of the time we just hangout but when that gets boring we try to do something productive, Like playing soccer, basketball, or football. Last year we even created a new game called tramp-ball which we created into a league. It was a physical game based around basketball on a trampoline.