West Olympia CC December 3

Foundations & Essentials 11, Challenge Week 14

Schedule Change for January

Westwood Hosts the NCFCA Speech and Debate Regional Tournament on January 14-16, so we have moved our first day back in Community to January 11. The following week we will be back to our regularly scheduled programming, meeting on January 21.

End of Semester Potluck

Thursday, Dec. 10th, 11:30am-1pm


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We will also need a few moms to help clean up.

* * * * A fun way to change up working on the charts * * * *

Foundations: Digging Deeper At Home

Owl Pellets - this was FUN today! It was funny to see which students jumped in and who was completely grossed out. :) I didnt see anyone opt out completely though - so that is great!

- Virtual Pellet Dissection and More info on Owls and Pellets

- Video of an Owl regurgitating a pellet (not as bad as you'd think... LOL)

An excellent resource for musical dynamics

If you are anything like me, you are probably working on Latin Declensions with a slight eye-roll and wondering why??? Now that I am a Challenge Parent, I understand so much better - it is REALLY worth it! Here is a well written basic description of Latin Declensions.

Here is a really neat article that connects the Byzantine Empire with some of our timeline points: 'East/West Schism of the Church", "Justinian's Code", and "The Split of the Roman Empire."

Some parts of a Flower, worksheets, and other plant resources

(Idea and resource overload here - click at your own risk :) )

Foundations Memory Work Review Party

Thursday, Jan. 7th 2016 at 9am-1pm

Westwood Baptist

Come for a fun way to Review the first 12 weeks of Foundations Memory work and kick off second semester! This is a NO PRESSURE, laid back way to review and celebrate how much the kids have learned this year. There is no requirement to do any of it - it is entirely up to the parent to decide what they want their student to do. We will start at 9:15 with instructions and set up. We will have lunch and share some cookies to celebrate the new year.

Click HERE for RSVP & More Details

Challenge Overview for Week 14

As homeschoolers, parents make their own decisions about testing, grading, and record keeping for their student at all levels, including high school.

In the Challenge Programs, students get the opportunity to assess their knowledge of the work they've done in the first semester. Read about the value of assessements HERE and HERE.

Here are some examples of possible Assessment topics:

Challenge A:

* Drawing the Western Hemisphere and Europe

* Review the 42 Catechism Questions they've been memorizing

* Demonstrating some of the mathematical concepts

Challenge B:

* Review the Scientists they have studied and plot them on a timeline

* List out logical proofs they have been working through.

* Write an essay demonstrating some of the writing techniques they have learned, such as parallelism and amplification.

Challenge I:

* Write a short story in Latin

* Memorize the American History Timeline they have worked on so far

* Discuss some of the concepts covered in Apologia: Physical Science

Challenge II:

* Present their Art History and Timeline notebooks

* Translate Original Texts from Latin to English

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