Bilingualism and Home Language Use

A presentation of issues and strategies to help our students

Sociocultural Aspects for Bilingual Students in the Classroom

*Formalities of the language (i.e. slang, context)

*Current social trends


*Ethnic backgrounds of other students

Cultural Impact of Bilingualism and Home Language use


Strategies and Resources for Cultivating Home and School Partnerships

*Open lines of Communication

*Continuous communication about progress

*School information sent home with both languages

*Events to encourage parents to come learn English

*Positive reinforcement for students getting their parents involved

Strategies for Evaluating the Effectiveness of the Home and School Partnership

*Parental involvement in the classroom

*Communication with teachers

*Participating in take home "family" assignments

*Responding to correspondence with the teachers

*Parental involvement in school activities

*Attending school functions

*Encouraging students to attend functions

*Student involvement in the classroom and school activities

*Ability to discuss sensitive issues with parents

The Role of Leadership in Cultivating a Positive Home and School Partnership for ELL Students