The Law Firm

Guide for New Clients

Thank you for choosing The Law Firm. We are here to assist you, the defendant, make a case against your plaintiff!

So you've received a complaint from the plaintiff. You've also received a summons with your court date. We're glad you chose to come to us. We will look at the pleadings and get to know what this lawsuit is all about.

We are here to get you through the pretrial conference. We understand that meeting in front of a judge is an unfamiliar and intimidating process to most people. We at The Law Firm have the experience to get you through it. We are also here to help you decide if mediation or arbitration is right for you. Our law firm will be there to remind you whether the third party decisions are binding (arbitration) or non-binding (mediation).

If you are to go on trial, we will be there to make sure that the verdicts of the judge and jury are just. We will do our best to represent you and your side of the case.

If the verdict is not in your favor, do not fear! You can make an appeal! We will stand by you throughout all of the processes including this one.