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Maori Culture and Traditions

The Maori people make up about 14 percent of the New Zealnd population. They often meet on tribal meeting grounds called maraes. Here they recite speeches and sing tribal songs. Maori people also cook feasts called Hangi's cooked in earth ovens. The Maori people are famous for their Ta Moko which are face carvings or tattoos. This is practiced especially by men of high rank but also women.

Maori Language

Maori is the language indigenous to the Maori people. It is one of the official languages in New Zealand. In 2001 a survey siad that about 9 percent of the MAori adults were fluent in the language, but a 2006 census said that only 4 percent were fluent. therer are about 60,000 native speakers of the Maori language

Maori Gods

The Maori have many gods. The two first gods were Ranginui and Papatuanuku, and they had 8 sons named Tumatauenga, Tawhirimatea, Tanemahuta, Tangaroa, Rongo, Haumiatiketike, Rehua, and Ruaumoko. They make up the rule.