Deforestation in Africa

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Deforestation in Somalia

Deforestation is when many trees are cut down to use for firewood or other needs. It also occurs when land is needed for grazing or settlement. Also, no one is replanting the trees that have been chopped down after they are done using that land. Deforestation is a world wide problem but withall the other issues Somalia has it makes this even worse. The country of Somalia cuts down nearly 2.5 million trees each year. Also, removing trees is illegal in Somalia.

Causes, Effects, and Solutions to This Problem

Helping Deforestation

Causes for deforestation in Somalia are high usage and demand for charcoal, using trees for firewood and other household needs, and clearing trees for crops. These result in turning forests into deserts beacause once the roots are no longer in place, the soil will erode into deserts. Runoff form rivers and streams will also easily occur. Last but not least, many animals homes will be completely destroyed. This will result it some animal extinction.

Solutions to deforestation in Somalia or any other country can be solved easily. They can be as simple as replanting trees! This is called reforestation. Also wild life sanctuaries can not only help the animals but the trees as well. These sanctuaries cover all wildlife.

Hug a Tree Foundation

This foundation helps the trees in Africa! We have nation wide funds to support puting a stop to chopping down trees. This foundation was founded By Lauren Neumeister in 2010. We have already made a difference in some African countries. We raise money to buy thousands of trees, fly to Africa, and spend two weeks replanting the damaged forests. We need many volunteers, so if you or anyone you know is interested, please contact us at Theres always room for help!